Release v3.0.0 LTS

This is a Long-term Support Release, Released in Version 3.0.0 LTS, Released date Sunday, July 5, 2020.. Total 700+ changes and bug fixes since V2.0.0. Here are some highlights of this LTS release.

  • Added new ui settings for Tablets.
  • CoreStats, CoreKeyborad, CoreTime, CoreGarage, CoreAction will get focus if a running instance is found.
  • If there is a image in ShareIT it will copy the image instead of copying the file path.
  • Now ShareIT can be accessed using the system FM or non-coreapps by installing CoreToppings.
  • Now brightness plugin works out of the box and Added new plugin ffsendit to use the FireFox send service.
  • Fixed CoreFM not saving any activities and Now after selection, there should not be any lag or ui micro freeze and remains intact when changing the views.
  • Fixed CorePaint ux in tablet mode and many UI/UX problem.
  • CoreShot got cli options
  • CoreStuff got more DE support to powerdialog logout and many little UI and Ux fixes.
  • And many more to make this release most stable one.

Version 3.0.0 is be our most stable release. We will add bug fixes to this release in future.

For more check out the full Release Notes and ChangeLogs.

Please consider reporting bugs in Gitlab issues.