CoreApps is an App suite. There are 19 apps in total. Here are the full app list.

There are some core features that makes them great. Some are listed here.

  • All the apps are light with lesser dependencies and uses less ram.
  • Bookmark support across the all apps makes your important files to link in one place.
  • All the apps are touch-friendly, suitable Phablet and Tablet and we are working towards that.
  • Apps use the precious vertical screen real estate properly. Shows what you need, use the screen on the items what’s matter to user.
  • We introduced a feature called Session in CoreStuff app. You can select some apps with argument and give a name to make a session. Then double click the session to open all the apps with the given argument.
  • All the search you done will be saved as Search Activity. Also you just double click that Search Activity it will show the result from that folder which you searched before.
  • Recent Activities in CoreStuff will show all the app you opened with the file. Just double click that, it will restore the app with that file you working with before.
  • Don't worry you can clear the both search and recent activities.
  • We try to keep the code standard to C++11 and keep it clean and tested in Qt LTS and latest release.
  • All the apps can run in low resource device like Raspberry Pi and device with out hardware acceleration.