We make daily apps that are DESKTOP INDEPENDENT with CONSISTENT LOOK across all the apps and can run in lower system with MINIMUM DEPENDENCIES.

All the apps are based on Qt toolkit and for Unix like OS.

Checkout the project in GitLab.

Chat with us in IRC/Matrix #cubocore:matrix.org or Riot.im



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  • [Aug 29, 2019] CoreApps are now in offical Alpine repo.

  • [Jan 26, 2019] You can run CoreApps in you mobile using posmarketOS.

  • [Feb 22, 2019] CoreApps are now in offical Manjaro ARM repo.

  • Pictures

    Apps runing in Google Nexus 5x using posmarketOS with out hardware acceleration.


    CoreApps is a App suite. There are 21 apps total. Here the full app list here.

    There are some core features that makes them great. Some are listed here.

    • All the apps are light with lesser dependencies and uses less ram.
    • Bookmark support across the all apps makes your important files in one place.
    • All the apps are touch-friendly and suitable Phablet and Tablet and we are working towards that.
    • Apps use the precious vertical screen real estate properly. Shows what you need, use the screen on the items what’s matter to user.
    • We introduced a feature called "Session" in `CoreStuff` app. You can select some apps and with file & give a name to make a session. Then double click the session , it will open the apps with the selected file.
    • All the search you done will be saved. Also you just double click that Search activity it will show the result from that folder which you searched couple of days ago.
    • Recent Activities in `CoreStuff` will show all the app you opened with the file. Just double click that, it will restore the app with that file you working with couple of days ago. Don't worry you can clear the both SEARCH & RECENT ACTIVITIES.
    • We try to keep the code standard to c++11 and keep it clean and tested in Qt LTS & latest release.
    • All the apps can run in low resource device like Raspberry pi and device with out hardware acceleration.

    Release V2.6

    This is a BUG FIX release, Released in Saturday, June 15, 2019. Total 35+ changes and bug fixes. Here are some highlights of this release.

    • Fixed hidpi scaling not working on all the apps.
    • CoreStats will take less ram and cpu when using resource page.
    • CoreApps now open files in default app from system mimilist.
    • Rewrite CoreFm, CoreHunt & CoreStats for more fast and lighter on system.
    • Fixed battery is showing 24% although system dose not have any battery.
    • Fixed fileDialog only shows jpeg images in CoreImage.
    • Rewrite of syntax highlighter & added text replace feature in CorePad.
    • Fixed showing duplicate entries in CoreInfo.
    • Fixed default-apps section in General page in CoreGarage & A dialog will ask for a default apps if it's not set.
    • Now no apps can be opend in sudo mode.
    • Rewrite trash functions with a model.
    • Added two new widgets FavoriteApps & Brightness in CoreAction.

    Version 3.0.0 will be our most stable release. We are working towards that.

    For more check out the full Release Notes and ChangeLogs.

    Please consider reporting bugs in Gitlab issues.


    CoreApps is now in Offical Alpine Repo, Manjaro ARM repo.

    Download packages for Arch from here.

    Download packages for Debian Sid from here.

    As for the other distro user, you can build and install all the packages from gitlab. Please use this guide here.

    BSD guys also can use the same guid to install them as long as the dependencies are there.


    We are small team of four people. Two in programming, one in design other one in testing.

    We are targeting the future devices like ARM based laptop, tablet & old devices that has low resource to run the traditional heavy desktop apps.

    We need your feedback, testing or codding skill to improve the CoreApps. Send us your feedback through Gitlab issues or join the Matrix room.

    You can also join our testing group to help us in testing. Just let us know by knock us in Matrix room.

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